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Preppy Text V1

You will need: Color Scheme | Pattern

Step One) Type out your text, kern it, color it, etc. Make your text a gradient so each letter is different. If you need a tutorial on that, you can find it here. Step Two) Duplicate your layer 4 times. On the second layer from the top, move it down 3x. Rasterize your text. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Set your amount to 25%, Distribution to Gaussian, and make sure monochromatic is checked.

Step Three) On the third layer from the top, rasterize text. Move it down 6x. Open up your blending options and add a color overlay. Make the color #4f4f4f.

Step Four) On the botton text layer, rasterize type. Move it down 9x. Add a color overlay, make the color #353535, set the blend mode to soft light.

Step Five) Go to your top most text layer. Open up your blending options. Add these settings:

Step Six) Merge all of your layers together.

Step Seven) You should have one layer now. Open the blending options. Add a 2px stroke of #ffffff. Add a drop shadow with these settings:

Thats it! You're done!