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hello and welcome to scenecult. You can find a ton of resources and tutorials. please do not redistribute or steal any content. enjoy your stay.


Gradient Text V1

You will need: Color Scheme

Step One) Type out your text on a document, sign, etc. Make it the font, size, kern, etc. that you want. Step Two) Open up a document that is 1px height and the width is however many letters wide your text is. Scenecult is 9 letters so my width is 9px. On that document, take the zoom tool > fit screen.

Step Three) Hit 'G' on your keyboard. Open your gradient tool. This tool is in the same spot that the paint bucket tool is. Create a new 4 color gradient with the colors from your color scheme. Drag from side to side on your document. Your document should look like this:

Step Four) Move your gradient document so that way you have both the text document and gradient document open on the same screen. On your text layer tool, with the text tool, highlight over each letter individually. Click the color on the top bar and select each color for each letter.

Step Five) Once you have every letter colored, you're done! Finish your text.