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Blend V1

You will need: Png Pack 01 | Png Pack 02 | Model Pngs | Texture 01 | Texture 2 | Texture Pack 03 | Coloring Psd

1) So, the first thing we are going to do is open a 500x500 document. We are going to be making a blend, simple sign, web header, whatever you want it to be! We are going to click on the fill tool and fill with the color #24283b.

Start adding your png models in place. Do about 2-3. We are going to be adding other things later but get these into place how you like them. When you have them in place > Select all your model png layers by holding CTRl and clicking on them > Group *Click the little icon in the layers panel that looks like a folder* > Rename it to 'Model'.

2) Add some of the pngs from the first pack. I'm adding the book, the candle, and the one with the clock ABOVE my models folder. I'm adding the castle one BELOW my models folder.

We are going to take our eraser tool with a soft round brush. You want the hardness of this brush set to 0%. We are going to erase a little bit around the edges to soften and blend things.

3) Add some flower pngs from the second pack. Add some in the front and some in the back. I suggest only adding 2-3 flowers. We are not going to be erasing the flowers like we did the other pngs. After you have them in place, group the top pngs together and make another group with the bottom pngs.

4) Its texture time! Take texture 1 and paste it on your document. You will have to resize this to fit better because this is a large texture. Drag this layer just above your background fill color so it is BEHIND everything else. Set it where you want it and then set your blending options to Multiply 100%.

Take texture two and place it on your document. Place this texture on TOP on everything. You will need to resize this texture to fit your document size as well. Once you have it placed, Set your blending options to Overlay 20%.

In the texture pack 03, take texture 4 and place it above everything. Set your blend mode to Lighten 100%. Move it so the light is circle is in the same position as your circle from the earlier texture.

Take texture 5 from the same pack and place it on the top layer above everything. Move this image so that way its on the bottom half of the image. Set the blend mode to Lighten 100%. After all of this, I grouped all my top textures into one group.

5) Now its time for some coloring! You can do whatever coloring you like best. But I'm using one of my coloring psds for this and to make this super easy I just have that all ready for you! Just drag and drop the coloring psd on top of everything.

6) Select all your layers by clicking on the top layer and bottom layer while holding the shift button. Layer > Duplicate layers. Layer > Merge layers. This should of made all of your individual layers into one layer on the top while still having your other layers below. Make sure you have the top most merged layer selected. Filter > Sharpen. Make the blend mode of this layer Normal 30%.

7) Go ahead and add your text now! I used the font Ramland in the color #1c3f44. Play around with the effects of your text (bevel, inner glow, inner shadow, etc). Add a stroke of 3px in the color #101b2a. Set the blend mode of the stroke to Overlay 100%.

Once you have the text all done, you're all finished! Click on the image to see the final HQ version!