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Dripping Chocolate Text


Step One) Type out your text. Cursive-ish fonts look the best with this. Set the size, height, etc.

Step Two) Select all of your text > Object > Expand. Click on the direct Selection tool and on the bottom of your letters > Drag some of the points down. You want to give this a dripping effect. Do this for most of your letters.

Step Three) Highlight all of your letters by drawing a box around them. Object > Path > Group. Then go to Edit > Copy. Edit > Paste in Back. Now in your layers panel you should have two groups of the letters. Lock the top one and click the eye so you cannot see it. Click on the second one and highlight over all your letters so they are selected. Make the fill so that it is transparent. Make the stroke #592F18. The stroke is 1px.
*If the boxes are grey, click on them and make them any color and then set your correct colors.*

Step Four) Go back up to the top group. Click the eye so you can see that layer again and unlock it. I locked the bottom group.

Step Five) Fill the color of the top group letters to #42210B.

Step Six) Open up Photoshop. Copy and paste your group text layers on a Photoshop document.


Step Seven) You should have your text here now. Open up the blending options and set them like mine Inner Shadow Color: #75523b | Bevel Colors: #966938 & #5b3514:

Step Eight) Go back into illustrator and copy & paste the bottom group layer into Photoshop.

Step Nine) Set the blending mode to Screen > 30%.

Step Ten) You're all done! You can add a background color or add this to whatever you want.